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So shooting is your chosen sport and you want to get involved? Great! Each S.S.A.A. Branch is only as strong as the support that we receive from our members. The first place to start is by attending your local Branch meetings. Get to know the members. Your local Branch Executive is always on the lookout for members that may be able to lend a hand. It doesn't matter if you want to paint a wall or build new benches, all help is welcome. Each Branch within the S.S.A.A. Queensland network is run by volunteers much like you. Each is an avid shooter that has some free time or resources that they can donate to their club.

No matter what you have to offer, or what idea you have, we want to hear from you. As the premier sporting shooters body in Queensland, we are run by our members for our members. No matter if you can help as a Range Officer, help at working bees or want to get involved with a Committee, your Association needs you. If you are unsure who to talk to, contact us here via the website and we will make sure that your details get to the right person.

So how is the Association organised?

Although all Branches, State Associations and the Federal Association share the same name, Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, each is formed in a little different way. At the National level, we have the Federal Association. This Federal Association has a number of members, namely the State and Territory Associations. Each State then in turn has a number of Branches, just like your Branch. As a member of the Association, you are actually a member of the State Association. If you wish to be involved with your local branch and have not already specified a particular branch when you joined the SSAA you can transfer your 'Q' number (on your membership card) to that branch and participate as a branch member with voting rights in that branch. Your local Branch is your representative at a State level, just as your State Association is your local Branches representative at the national level.

Now your mind may be saying "What?" but it is important you have a basic understanding of how it all works together in case you have an ambition of standing for election at your local Branch. It also helps to understand what happens to your membership fees.

Where does my Membership money go?

One of the big questions that people have is what happens to all the money the Association receives from its Members. The simply answer is that a percentage goes to the National Body, a percentage goes to the State Body and a percentage goes to your local Branch. As you can imagine there are a number of large expenses that are covered at each level. For example there is insurance, rent, rates that is payable for each range. There is publishing costs in bringing you the monthly magazine and there is the personal insurance coverage that you are provided as a member of the Association. The Association is lucky that it has people like you that want to volunteer their time. The vast majority of people that you see working at ranges or as your Association representatives are volunteers like you. If we had to cover the wages of everybody that is involved with the Association, we could not afford it based on our membership fees.

I would like to see the Association do xxx.

As with any volunteer based organisation, time and people-power is a scarce resource. We need people like you to help us implement your ideas. The best way to affect positive changes that you would like see, is get involved. Come along to your local branch meetings and put your ideas forward. Share your ideas with others and get people talking. If the Branch as a whole sees the merit in your ideas, they can come to fruition. We understand that not all people can make it to meetings due to other commitments. If you fall into this category, put your ideas down in an email or a letter. Your Branch President will bring your correspondence up at the next meeting.

There is no local Branch in my area and I would like to start one.

If you and a group of like-minded people would like to form a local Branch, we would love to talk to you. The best place to start is to jot down your ideas along with the names of people that would like to be the founding members of your local Branch. Once you have this, contact the Association at the State level and we can continue the discussions.

I can offer xxx or volunteer my time.

Great! It is people like you that make our Branches the social hub for shooters in your area. Each local Branch has working bees from time to time and we are always on the lookout for able bodies. Drop your local Branch a line, send an email or write a letter. We would love to hear from you.

I would like to stand for election to the Committee of my local Branch, or State body.

Great! We are always on the lookout for new blood. As with any volunteer organisation, we need people to drive it in the right direction. Be for-warned, being a part of the Committee is hard work and often comes with little thanks or recognition. Our Committees are made up of volunteers that donate their time for their chosen sport.

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