Become a Shooter

"Recently I was trying to describe why I shoot, to a non-shooter. The only way I could relate it to her was to say it was like yoga and meditation mixed with loud noises". Now that explaination may not suit the entire sport, however it is an apt description of the Benchrest discipline.

The best place to start is with your local Branch. You will find that your local has like minded people with combined hundreds of years in the sport that are willing to get you on your way in our sport. Whether you are looking for something to do on weekends, or are aiming to represent your country, shooting has something for everybody.

  • A family sport that is available to all
  • Interestingly shooting is one of the few sports where men and women can compete on an equal basis. In fact women generally outdo their male counterparts
  • Socialise with like-minded people in a relaxed environment
  • Help in developing concentration with hand eye co-ordination
  • Progess to representing your club, your region, your state, your country
  • Build confidence through new skills and challenging yourself
  • Compete with yourself or your friends
  • Above all, relax, enjoy and try

Many of our local Branches run introductory sessions for those just entering the sport. Contact your local today!

The Ten Commandments of Safety

  • Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.
  • Carry only empty guns, taken down or with the action open, into your car, camp and home.
  • Always be sure that the barrel and action are clear of obstructions.
  • Always carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle.
  • Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger.
  • Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot.
  • Never leave your gun unattended unless you unload it first.
  • Never climb a tree or a fence with a loaded gun.
  • Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of water.
  • Do not mix gunpowder and alcohol.

Firearm Safety – Basic Fundamentals

  • Never have in your possession a firearm that is loaded, unless you are holding it and ready to shoot.
  • Use only safely constructed firearms in sound condition and the correct ammunition.
  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

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