Shooting is a generic term that people apply to all facets of our sport. In actual fact there are many Disciplines within our sport. Whether you are a pistol shooter or a cannon enthusiast, S.S.A.A. has something of interest to you. We cater for all. Whether the casual weekend shooter, the farmer wanting to sight in rifles and prove loads or someone aspiring to represent their country in Benchrest, contact your local branch for information on the disciplines they cater for.



Hunters are just as important to us at SSAA (Qld) Inc as our competitive shooters. We are dedicated to supporting ALL of our members.

Hunters are encouraged to conduct themselves in a safe and ethical manner to ensure that the future of recreational hunting and the shooting sports in general is protected. A hunter needs to understand and follow the principles of ethical hunting. They should always display an appreciation and adherence to sustainable wildlife management practices and obey all specific game and hunting laws. The SSAA’s Code of Ethics and the general "Rules of etiquette when hunting" are good starting points to follow in regard to safe and ethical hunting.

SSAA Code of Ethics

The SSAA insists that its members adhere to the following fundamental ethical requirements. Any breach may result in suspension of membership or even expulsion from the Association.

  • Having first obtained a landholder’s permission to shoot on their property, members should consider themselves to be invited guests, so that they will be welcome in the future.
  • Members must obey the rules of safe firearms handling and diplomatically yet firmly insist others to do the same.
  • Members must obey relevant hunting laws and regulations and diplomatically yet firmly insist others do the same.
  • Members should support game conservation programs and the sustainable utilisation of wildlife.
  • And, most importantly, members must pass on to others, including youngsters, the proper attitudes towards game management and conservation and the skills of safe firearms ownership, which are the hallmarks of the sporting shooter.

Rules of etiquette when hunting

  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Ask permission to light cooking fires first
  • Keep cooking fires as small as possible
  • Put your fires out properly before leaving
  • Never gather firewood and use a chain-saw without prior permission
  • Keep clear of stock routes
  • Drive only on defined tracks
  • Be especially careful with target identification and danger zones if spotlighting
  • Keep away from water troughs
  • Never contaminate stock water with soaps
  • Take your rubbish away with you
  • Ensure the property owner is well aware of your movements
  • If you are successful, offer to share your game with the owner
  • Report any suspicious or unusual events to the owner
  • Don’t keep returning to the property with new people - look after the areas as if they were your own

Farmer Assist

The SSAA Farmer Assist program has been developed to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek the assistance of SSAA members. The specially designed program is run via this site, allowing a farmer to choose who they invite onto their properties from the group of members replying to their post.

The SSAA Farmer Assist program is fully operational across Queensland meaning both SSAA members and farmers can register and use the program. Interested SSAA members are invited to begin the easy four-step process to register for the program and start applying for jobs.

Four-step process to get involved

  1. Members must read the Complete Program Booklet and commit to obey to the program’s safety, animal welfare and ethical hunting requirements.
  2. Members who are not currently part of a SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management branch must attend a SSAA range and undertake the self-guided shooting competency assessment using the approved SSAA Farmer Assist Assessment Target.
  3. Go to the sign-up form, enter the necessary details and complete registration.
  4. Respond to the system-generated email from SSAA Farmer Assist as directed to verify your account. This will allow you to login to the Farmer Assist jobs page and begin investigating the jobs board and be ready to reply to jobs.

For further information please contact us Farmer Assist at

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